Sunday, 24 August 2008

August 24th Playlist....Haubenstock-Ramati

Much apologies for the two week lapse there, but I'm back and tonight showcasing the fantastic work of Roman Haubenstock-Ramati. If you don't know his work, you must make the effort to become familiar with it, it's well worth it. Often considered the 'other' Earle Brown, H-Ramati created some of the most beautiful looking and sounding graphic and mobile scores ever. Tonight we listen to as many as we can!

Check out a score image here:

Haubenstock-Ramati from hat(now)art 118:

1 Credentials orThink, Think, Lucky
2. Streichquartett
3. Mobile for Shakespeare

From hat(now)art 101:

1. Kreise (track1)
2. Kreise (track 4)
3. Decisions
4. Alone 1

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