Sunday, 11 May 2008

May 11th, Playlist

Tonight is all about vinyl...well, except for the first tracks to make up for my Jerry Lewis-esque mistake for playing the wrong cd at the end of last weeks here goes...the actual sound art remixes from the bridge recordings of last weeks show to start and then some old school vinyl from Greece, Romania, and elsewhere.

Kent Macpherson, Matinkaari, London Uk, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Karl Muller, when Bridges Remix: Traversing the Gap, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Roger Mills, Limbo in Lausitz, , Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Francisco Lopez, Untitled #168, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Jani Christou, Praqxis for String Orchestra and Piano, Edition RZ 1006
Iancu dumitrescu, Cogito: Trompe-L'Oeil, Edition RZ 1001
Horatiu Radulescu, Astray fur 6 Saxophone and Sound Icon, Edition RZ 1007
Luigi Nono, A Carlo Scarpa, Edition RZ 1004
Luigi Nono, A Pierre, Edition RZ 1004

Thanks for checking out the week, who knows...but thinking about Ives maybe. Tune in and find out!


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