Sunday, 4 May 2008

May 4 Playlist

Hi everyone,

Tonight's program will focus loosely on phonography and composition. For those of you unfamiliar with phonography, there's a good site and a great yahoo group you should check out here: and

There are also a few sites (actually many) where you can listen to some phonography, but one particularly interesting one is soundtransit where you can actually plan a journey across the world via field recordings:

I also hosted phonography concert when I first moved to Aberdeen and most of the concert can be listened to on my site here:

And finally, a home-grown hybrid, Aberdeen's own Pete Stollery has an interesting site where he recorded his favourite sounds around the Aberdeenshire area and put them on an online map you can visit and listen to here: (click on the link for Gordon Soundscape)

Ok, and now onto the show:

Bernd Schurer, track 1, Construction Sonar, track 1
Luigi Archetti, Trans, Construction Sonar
Bernd Schurer, tracks 2-21, Construction Sonar
Dalduin, Creative Construction Tunnel Session, Construction Sonar
Monolake, Drift, Construction Sonar
Bernd Schurer, tracks 22-44, Construction Sonar
Fennesz, Construction, n68, Construction Sonar
Chris Knapp, koi feeding, phonography comp 1
Toy Bizarre, Kdi Dctb 130, phonography comp 1
Yannick Dauby, bird sanctuary, phonography comp 1,
Yannick Dauby, rain-reconstructed, phonography with compositions
Bill Thompson, xmas '99 (edit), phonography with compositi0ons
Toy Bizarre, Kdi Dctb 053b, phonography with compositi0ons Jodi Rose, Anzac Bridge, Sydney Australia, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Jodi Rose, My Thuan Bridge mecong Delta Vietnam, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Jodi Rose, Erasmus Bridge, Rotterdam Holland, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Jodi Rose, Millennium Bridge, London Uk, Singing Bridges Vibrations: Variations
Sawako, Yukidoke, phonography with compositions
Josh Russell, Hospital Death, phonography with compositions

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