Sunday, 15 June 2008

June 15th, The Fog with Pete Hartley

Today we have a special treat with Pete Hartley as our guest curator/DJ, an exile from as he calls it, the center of the Universe (otherwise known as Brighton). Having known Pete for some time now I've realized he has an amazing collection of music on just about every form of media I've ever heard of. So I've asked him to guest curate our program tonight and he's brought in a wonderfully eclectic selection. Hope you enjoyed it...and he even provided a very detailed playlist (yay!, don't expect this from me :)

Catch you next week with our final installment of string quartets featuring Brent Fariss and Travis Weller from Austin.


01. Hans Reichel & Eroc: Hattnatten [Return of Onkel Boskopp, Repertoire REP 4688]

02. Clara Rockmore & Nadia Reisenberg: The Swan (Saint Saens) [Gravikords, Whirlies & Pyrophones book & cd 1-55961-482-X]

03. Luciano Berio / Cathy Berberian: Visage [Acousmatrix VII, BVHaast 9109]

04. Jocelyn Robert: Folie Culture [Folie Culture, ReR JORCD]

05. Anenzephalia: Induratio Penis Plastica [Lyse - Limited edition on 7” vinyl Tesco Corporatiom, Germany]

06. Conlon Nancarrow: Study #1 (Studies for Player Piano) [Sound Forms for Piano, New World 80203]

07. Ilhan Mimaroglu / Erdem Buri: Le Tombeau d’Edgar Poe [Electronic Music, Turnabout TV4004 LP]

08. Lol Coxhill: Wimbledon Baths [Coxhill/Miller, Cuneiform Rune 253/254]

09. Tod Dockstader: Electronic Piece #2 [Eight Electronic Pieces, Locust L36]

10. Pierre Henry: Baillement [Variations pour une porte … soupir, Philips 468523]

11. Elio Martusciello: Hommage à Pierre Schaeffer [Unoccupied Areas, ReR EMI]

12. Phil Dadson and From Scratch: Pacific 3-2-1 Zero [Gravikords, Whirlies, …]

13. Charles Amirkhanian: Just [10+2-12 American Text Pieces, Other Minds OM 1006]

14. László Moholy-Nagy: Möglichkeiten des Grammophone [Noises & Whispers in Avant-Gardes, catalog to exhibition, Valencia, 2004]

15. Pierre-Yves Martel: Eczema [Engagement & Confrontation, Ambiences Magnétiques AM 148] 1:50

16. Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate [DaDa > AntiDaDa > Merz, Sub Rosa SR195]

17. Coil: When the cocoon is finished, … [Plastic Spider Thing, Eskaton 30]

18. Talisker: Soldier’s Song [Dreaming of Glenisla, Caroline C1513 LP, about to be re-issued on CD?]

19. 7th Ragtime Band: Circus Girl (New York, 8.10.1897) [Berliner 87]

20. Thomas Dimuzio: Settlement (part one) [Headlock, ReR TD1]

21. Jean-Michel Jarre: Ethnicolor [Zoolook, Dreyfus EPC 488140]

22. Musci-Venosta: Mechanic soul vs. pathetic ambient [Water Messages on Desert Sand, RR C28]

23. Josep Maria Balanyà: Movement VII [Ultramarinos 451, New Contemporary Music NCM5]

24. Optrum: New Motor Head Banging & DC/DC [Improvised Music from Japan: 2004, book & 2CD 4-9902297-0-3]

25. Ferdinand Kriwet: JaJa [Hörtext II) part 2 [Siemens-Studio für elektronische Musik, Siemens Kultur Ptogramm]

26. Arkkon: Enveloping Blue Opening [Arkkon, Tonus Kosmetika TK 01]

27. Ramuntcho Matta: Just to be Clear [Pataphysics, book & CD, Sonic Arts Network, November 2005]

28. Wolf Pack: Chorus of 40 wolves (Point Barrow, Alaska) [Music of the Canids, with Science Year Journal 1973]

29. Professor Longhair: Tipitina [Atlantic R&B Volume 2, Warner 812277577 & The Cosimo Matassa Story, Properbox 129]

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