Sunday, 8 June 2008

June 1st, a listen again...

Hi all,

I'm sure you noticed if you tuned in that June 1'st show was a prerecord. An emergency trip south prevented me from hosting a live one, but I hope you enjoyed the show as it was one of my favourites as far as music goes. We'll be back to another installment of string quartets when we return on 8th. Here's the playlist:

david lee meyers, environs 2, resonance v9 cd track 1
nicolas collins, second state, resonance v9, track 8
nicolas collins, ei loop, handmade elect. music
nicolas collins, it was a dark and stormy night, handmade elec. music
andy keep, my laptop colony-colony in my laptop, handmade elec. music
david first, tell tale 2.1, handmade elec music
david tudor and john cage, untitled and mesostics, resonance cd, track 3
matt rogalsky, tudor loops, resonance cd, track 4
david behrman, players with circuits, handmade elec. music
john bowers, study one for victorian synthesizer, handmade elec. music
toshi nakamura, nimb #19-2, resonance v9, track 9
collin olan, rec 01, handmade elec music
yasunao tone, imperfection theorem of silence, handmade elec. music
toshi nakamura and billy roisz, avva, youtube,
christian terstegge, ohrenbrennen, handmade elec. music
billy roisz, bed and breakfast
billy roisz, lanzoratte,
billy roisz, aeroflot,
alvin lucier, music for gamelon intruments, microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers, resonance v9, track 11 excerpt

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